Dreaming the West in Infrared

See Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon, AZ 2001

Door to Nothing

Garnet, MT 1999

Ghost Town Table

Garnet, MT 1999

Gold Mine Cabin

Twin Creek, WY 1999

In Deer Lodge Prison

Deer Lodge, MT 2000

Santurario de Chimayo

Chimayo, NM 2000

Red Desert Spring

Red Desert, WY 1999

Kiva Ladder

Pecos Pueblo, NM 2001

La Iglesia Pequena

Chimayo, NM 2000

Restaurante de Chimayo

Chimayo, NM 2001

Where Have all the Cowboys Gone?

Gas Hills, WY 2003

Boysen MIst

Boysen Resevoir, WY 2001

The Old Buckley Place

Moffatt Co., CO 2000