Arapaho Journeys

Photographs and Stories from the Wind River Reservation

Sara Wiles’s Arapaho Journeys invites readers to get to know, appreciate, and respect a remarkable Native community. With equal measures of warmth, honesty, and empathy, Wiles introduces us to her friends. Every image reminds us that the word “photography” means “writing in light.”

Patricia Limerick, author of Legacy of Conquest

Sheyann Stewart, Arapaho Ranch 2001

Hauling Ribs to Wilma’s House 1995

Ben Friday Jr.

and Grandsons 1993

Arapaho Language Camp

Foot Race 1989

Arapaho Language Preschool 1997

Byron Makeshine and

Friends 1996

Flossie Brown 1997

Sand Creek Run 1999

Tessa Bell and her

daughter Patricia 2000

Grand Entry, Ethete Powwow 2003

Clyde Wallowing Bull at Language and Culture Camp 2005

Danielle Brown 2004

Diversity is our Strength 2005